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Level 2 Kayaking Skills

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General aims

The Level 2 Kayak Skills Award aims to enable participants to

  • 1.01 Kayak safely and competently on flat water and Grade 1 rivers as a member of a group.
  • 1.02 Assist in basic rescues.
  • 1.03 Foster further participation in canoeing.


Participant must successfully demonstrate the following techniques and skills

  • 2.01 An understanding of the Basic Safety Rules of canoeing.
  • 2.02 Aan ability to Enter and Exit a kayak correctly.
  • 2.03 Forward Paddle, Reverse Paddle, and Stop.
  • 2.04 An ability to turn while stationary using Forward Sweep Stroke, Reverse Sweep Stroke and a combination of Forward and Reverse Sweep Strokes.
  • 2.05 Simple Draw Stroke.
  • 2.06 Low Brace.
  • 2.07 Low Brace Turn.
  • 2.08 Edging while the kayak is moving.
  • 2.09 Capsize Drill.
  • 2.10 An ability to assist in a H Rescue, and in an Assisted X Rescue.
  • 2.11 Lower Body Rotation.


  • 3.01 During an assessment all techniques and skills must be demonstrated to an assessor's satisfaction in order to achieve this award.
  • 3.02 No part of an assessment can be taken in a swimming pool. All assessment criteria must be demonstrated outdoors on flat water (i.e. water of Grade I difficulty).
  • 3.03 It may not be feasible for a junior or disabled person to assist fully in rescues - such candidates should, however, have a full understanding of the correct sequence of each of the required rescues and have some role to fulfil in the completion of these rescues.
  • 3.04 A spraydeck must be worn throughout an assessment.
  • 3.05 All strokes should be demonstrated in relevant situations i.e. use of a simple draw stroke to manoeuvre the kayak to the bank. Strokes should be demonstrated on both sides of the kayak.
  • 3.06 The Level 2 Kayak Skills Award is not a compulsory pre requisite for any subsequent Irish Canoe Union skills awards.
  • 3.07 All required assessment rescues are kept until the end of an assessment.
  • 3.08 No age restriction applies to this award.

Assessment Guidelines

  • The Level 2 Kayak Skills Award can only be assessed by a currently registered ICU Coach.
  • The assessment will be carried out with a maximum of four candidates to one assessor. However, a ratio of 3:1 is preferable.
  • Generally guidelines will be given, should a candidate fail an assessment, as to the areas that they need to improve on.



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